Mr T & Co has recently started to design and hand build quality speaker systems. We choose the highest quality components to ensure you get the quality sound you require. We base our designs mainly around Eminence speaker drivers so you know you will get the trusted sound quality from a name recognised in the audio industry. All our speakers are carpeted in black speaker carpet as standard although we may be able to offer different colours upon the customers request.

We have a wide range of models that have been custom designed to suit the average user. However, as all speakers are hand built buy us, we can custom design them to suit you and your needs.All our speakers contain custom built crossovers suited to the speaker to ensure the right sound is reproduced. Our speakers will come with Neutrik Speakon connectors as standard but we can fit different connectors on request.

Our standard models include the PLS-124 which contains high quality Eminence drivers operating at 400w creating the ideal speaker system for professional Dj's and a suitable P.A. system for small to medium sized venues. The PSM-124 stage monitor contains a 400w Eminence speaker driver that is ideal for just about any stage application that it is put against it delivering a wide frequency response in a small cabinet. We currently have more models in the design, build and testing process so e-mail us to get an upto date list on the speakers we have available. E-mail us for more information.

We are pleased to announce that we can now provide custom built flight cases from Ultrasonics Flight Cases. The flight cases will be built to order to fit perfectly with your speaker system.

For more information please e-mail

Please note that we have recently changed the design to our PSM-124 stage monitor. This means the picture shown is not what the finished product looks like. Should you require the old version of the stage monitor, please request that you have the original version when ordering.

Please note we reserve the right to change our speaker designs over time as we receive feedback from our customers. E-mail us to request more information on the speaker you would like to purchase and for pricing.